About Me

My name is Diana Rosa Morales; however, I prefer to be called by my first name, Diana. I live in Yonkers, NY. I usually get to campus by bus. It usually takes me about an hour to get to campus from home. I am most fluent in English but I do speak Spanish, as well.  f you hold a job – I work at Shoprite for about 30 hours per week. Someone I know who has earned a college degree is my half sister. Something I’ve done that I’m proud of is graduate high school. In my free time I enjoy doing art. Three of my favorite things are sleep, music, and baking. One of my favorite visual artists or designers is Lena Danya (YouTube). Something I like about college is the people I meet here are interesting. Something I don’t like about college is the workload and the stress that comes with it. Courses I’m taking this semester are Art 100, Art 101, Art 112, Eng 92, Math 130. Yes I am looking to earn a degree at Westchester Community College; although, I am not as close to completing it as I would like. In five years I would like to have a job in this field.
Three adjectives others might use to describe me are clumsy, energetic, and sleepy, as odd as it sounds.


Required(2d Design):

I chose to enroll in 2D Design because it is required for my degree.
Something I’d like to learn in 2D Design is more about the specific principles.
The final grade I’d like to earn in 2D Design is at least an 80.
I expect to spend about 3-4 hours per week on homework for 2D Design.